Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why this blog was created

I decided to start blogging my progress as I am trying to get a visa here in Argentina. It is a long and inefficient process and from talking to other Americans they all seem to stress the importance of networking and getting information from multiple sources. This blog was created to hopefully help others untangle the process and most of all to let others know that you are not the only frustrated one!


  1. I've done the Visa, DNI, CUIT, Cedula and Driver's License, including professional! And yes, starting a blog on this is a good idea, the process can be brutal and extremely time consuming. Suggest bringing good book or magazines, ipod whenever doing paperwork here.

    But was a bit easier for me, being married to an Argentine...


  2. Ǽ, baby!

    Fred's great; you can really trust him from the perspective of someone (like me) that married an Argentine.

    But you! Looks like you're going it with no Argentine spouse. That's informative ..and the expat world needs informed.

    You've got fans... don't be too long in your updates.


  3. Hi, looking for advice on how to start the process with getting a DNI here in Argentina, as well as a driver's license. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, the more details the better.

  4. Hey Ǽ!

    Drop me a line. We should talk.


  5. American Expat, will you please write or call?

    011 -54 -11 -4322 -0968
    312-224-8490 (VoIP)
    15-3366-3002 (cel)

  6. Hello my dearest and most adored friend and fellow blogger (form letter warning)!

    I don't know if you do a lot of "civic-duty" type stuff ...but in case you don't ...I got a quick and dirty for YOU!

    There's a bill before the US Congress right now that they call H.R.1739 ...and it needs a bunch of snailmail letters (email and phonecalls are cool, too, but they love that ol' postage stamp and ink on paper... shows commitment to their minds ...they're probably right.)

    Do you think you could see yer way clear toward letting people know that the above mentioned House Resolution that would grant the same rights to expats that the law does to US military personnel? Truth be told, it will add a couple of features that will help G.I. Joe, as well.

    Just mention it, that's all I'm asking. You don't have to mention my name ...but if it makes it easier on ya, I've got a post up ( that includes an email link to me that people can use to get my personal help.

    I'll do all the leg-work.

    Some a youse guys aren't Yanks. That's OK. But just in case anybody'd like to see the US impose democracy on its own people for once might like passing the word along. I'm giving you that opportunity.

    The thing is called H.R.1739 and it could use some handwritten, snailmail letters to Washington from US citizens of every political stripe... especially to these two guys:

    Hon. Robert A. Brady
    Chairman, Committee on House Administration
    U.S. House of Representatives
    1309 Longworth Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515

    Hon. Daniel Lungren
    Ranking Member, Committee on House Administration Republican Office
    U.S. House of Representatives
    1313 Longworth Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515

    The bill wants to do something along the following:

    make sure that every voter, regardless of uniform, gets to exercise their right to vote in any election in any state,
    stop election boards from throwing out computer generated ballots if they comply with all the rest of the rules,
    allow US citizens outside the country to register to vote only once during their stay abroad,
    eliminate 19th century notarization requirements that some locals still insist upon,
    ensure that US citizens born overseas (that have never lived in the US) can vote using their parents' last voting address,
    ...and best of all, maybe, require that a US voter at least be notified before election day if their ballot or registration is rejected!

    All that would go a long way toward making life easier for those people here in Argentina that think that they really DO have a right to exercise their vote.

    It ain't voting at the embassy like civilized countries ...but it's more than we have now.

    Wouldya, couldya?

    If it's too much trouble to put all that in a post, you could just refer them to me...
    ..and I'll handle each and every inquiry with great respect and gratefulness to you and your blog.

    Yours in art and labor,

  7. Hey AE!

    Could you give this site a look:

    I'd love it if you could offer any advice regarding the upcoming seminar on "getting your DNI."


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